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If you’ve ever dreamed of living in Malaysia while enjoying the perks of a long-term visa with modest financial requirements, then the Sarawak MM2H (S-MM2H) Visa might be for you.

This subset of the MM2H program presents an enticing alternative to the standard Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Visa. Let’s dive into the key features, requirements, and application process:

Understanding the Sarawak MM2H Visa

The S-MM2H Visa is a unique offering from Sarawak, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of the MM2H program while requiring lower financial commitments.

The program offers a 10-year visa, split into two periods of five years each (you’ll need to extend your visa after 5 years).

Key Features of the Sarawak MM2H Visa

1. Long Visa Duration: With a validity of 10 years, the Sarawak MM2H Visa provides an extended stay in Malaysia, giving participants ample time to immerse themselves in the culture and experience all that Malaysia has to offer.

2. Deposit Withdrawal Option: Participants can withdraw up to 40% of the fixed deposit after two years to buy a car, house, educate their children, and cover medical expenses. All of which must be spent locally.

3. Property Ownership Privilege: The Sarawak MM2H Visa allows applicants to own property in Sarawak. This opens up exciting investment and lifestyle possibilities.

Is the Sarawak MM2H Visa Right for You?

The Sarawak MM2H Visa is ideal for those who find the standard MM2H program too expensive or seek more financial flexibility.

Additionally, if you can afford the standard MM2H program but want access to a broader range of Malaysia, including the beautiful region of Sarawak, then this visa might be for you.

Program Requirements

To qualify for the Sarawak MM2H Visa, applicants must be over 30 years old. The program’s financial requirements include demonstrating a monthly income of 7,000 MYR for individuals or 10,000 MYR for couples.

Applicants aged 50 and over who don’t meet the above income requirement, may also provide proof of bank savings of 50,000 MYR, or 100,000 MYR for couples.

Applicants must also make a fixed deposit of 150,000 MYR for individuals or 300,000 MYR for couples.

A local sponsor (generally a Sarawak visa agent) is required for the application. Additionally, visa holders must spend at least 30 days in Sarawak each year, more on that below.

A health check is also required, this must be done in Sarawak.

Additional Requirements for Different Age Groups

For applicants aged 30 to 49, the above criteria apply, and they must also meet one of the following conditions: Purchasing a house worth at least 600,000 MYR, having children under the age of 21 enrolled in a school in Sarawak, or undergoing long term medical care in Sarawak.

Application Process and Important Notes

The application process for the Sarawak MM2H Visa is currently taking around 12 months. During the application, applicants must be present in Sarawak for part of the procedure.

Participants in the Sarawak MM2H Visa program are permitted to withdraw up to 40% of their fixed deposit after two years for specific purposes, such as purchasing a car, house, educating their children, or covering medical expenses. However, holders must maintain a minimum balance of 90,000 MYR for singles and 180,000 MYR for couples in their fixed deposit accounts.

Looking to the future, changes to the standard MM2H program are expected around the middle of 2024. It is unknown how this will affect the S-MM2H program.

Furthermore, the minimum 30-day stay in Sarawak might change as it is currently seen as a loophole that isn’t working in Sarawak’s favor.

What’s Next?

The Sarawak MM2H Visa offers an extraordinary opportunity for individuals seeking to explore the beauty and richness of Sarawak while enjoying the benefits of a long-term visa with lower financial requirements than their competitors.

If you’re considering the Sarawak MM2H Visa as your gateway to Asia, get in touch with us and we’ll get you started.

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Note: The MM2H Program has been going through some significant changes in the past years. Please ensure that the information in this article is relevant to the current time.

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