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    We aim to be able to set someone up to live, invest and do business in Southeast Asia. We can manage the entire process, from entry requirements, banking, finding a property and more. Your transition is as smooth as possible.

    Investing and Real Estate

    Southeast Asia has some of the world's most exciting real estate and investment opportunities.

    We can help with all kinds of assets and institutions across the region, from condos, to gold vaults, to brokerage accounts and more.

    If you're looking to diversify your portfolio and protect your assets, Southeast Asia is the place.

    Relocation Packages

    If you're looking to move to Southeast Asia, we can have you sorted from the moment you get off the plane.

    Your relocation package can include visas, residences, bank accounts, drivers licenses, long-term rentals and almost anything else you can think of.

    This is a bespoke service. We advise you on the best options and help create the solution that is best suited to your needs.


    If you have questions, thoughts or anything else you need our opinions on, we're here to help.

    It's as easy as booking a time, and we can jump on a call and offer our expertise.

    We can help you with expatriating, immigration issues, investing, property, offshore tax strategies and living, all within the scope of Southeast Asia.

    Book a Call

    Why us?

    We practice what we preach. We’re on the ground making connections and testing ideas on ourselves. It’s in the name: We are offshore in Asia.

    We understand you’re human. We consider lifestyle and happiness in our decision-making; there’s no point chasing the best visas if you’re not happy in that country.

    Every one of our clients receives a tailored service specific to their wants and needs. Get on a call or learn about us on our YouTube channel.

    Why Asia?

    Asia is the future. With more than half of the world’s population and some of the most dynamic and up-and-coming countries, the economic opportunities are endless. Couple this with some of the most desirable places to live and work from, and it is hard to beat.


    The economies of Southeast Asia have a history of strong growth that is not correlated with the west.

    Securities and real estate in particular present exciting opportunities.

    This however, is where we come in. Although lucrative, accessing the many markets of Southeast Asia proves a challenge, a challenge we can help you overcome.


    We don't need to sell anyone the lifestyle opportunities that await them in Southeast Asia.

    With incredible landscapes, weather, people and food; there isn't much the region lacks.

    The cost of living is almost always multiple times lower than in the west and the value for money is unbeatable.


    Southeast Asia is largely uncorrelated to the west.

    The region is unphased by shifts in western culture, economics and politics.

    Whether you're looking to escape the west's social changes or economic uncertainty, plant a flag in Southeast Asia.

    The Asian Century

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