Aaron has been travelling to Southeast Asia for 15 years, these days splitting his time between Bangkok and Melbourne.

An accountant with a background in business structuring, investment and taxation, Aaron always has his ear to the ground for new opportunities.



Based in Northern Thailand, Flynn is a Southeast Asian expat whose passion for the region translates into his work.

With a holistic approach to moving offshore, Flynn considers lifestyle, opportunity and practicality to provide excellent bespoke services.

Flynn Gaffy

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How it all began

Offshore in Asia was born from a chance meeting between co-founders Aaron and Flynn. Meeting in a coworking space, the two discussed ways to simplify their lives in Southeast Asia.

They then set out to open bank accounts, improve visa arrangements, and discover unique investment opportunities. Recognizing the immense value of these services, they made the decision to offer them to others. As a result, Offshore in Asia was born.

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