Expat Taxation Services

If you’re uncertain about the tax changes in Thailand or looking to move to another country in Asia, we can assist you with your tax matters.

It’s an unfortunate fact that taxation is becoming more complicated as countries change their rules on how they tax foreigners.

Whether you earn a pension, have offshore investment income, business income or capital gains – it pays to have your tax affairs in order so that a simple misstep doesn’t end up costing you.

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How can we help?

Tax in Asia

Need an accountant in Thailand, Malaysia or somewhere else? Our experienced team of English speaking expat tax practitioners are at your service.

Exiting A Tax System

Want to escape your home countries tax system? We will help you achieve this in a way that minimizes any exit taxes and keeps the tax authorities off your back.

Tax Minimization Strategies

International taxation is complex. But with proper planning and execution you can structure your business, investments, and other income in a way that reduces tax.

Why Use Us?

To be a good expat tax accountant you need to understand both sides of the equation – your home country, and your adopted country.

We are registered tax agents in Australia and specialize in assisting expats in Asia, regardless of nationality.

We have a network of accountants located throughout Asia as well as other Western countries that are dedicated to getting results for expats living in Asia.

Our experience working with double taxation agreements ensures that you won’t pay more tax than you have to.

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Who Should Use Our Expat Tax Services?

Expats living in Asia or people planning a move to Asia may need to file a tax return in their new country if they are considered a tax resident. Without proper tax planning, they may face double taxation or be subject to unfavorable tax rates.

If you have investment income and want to transfer the funds to your country of residence without paying high taxes, there may be legal ways to achieve this.

People doing business in Asia need to be confident that their business structure is working for them and complies with the regulations of the country of incorporation and their country of residence.

Capital gains events such as selling a property, a parcel of stocks or even making gains on crypto can have large tax consequences if not handled properly.