Indonesia’s Remote Worker Visa – Overview and Eligibility

Indonesia has introduced a visa targeted at digital nomads and remote workers who would like to call Bali home for a…

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Tax Residency: A Guide for Expats and Digital Nomads

Expats and digital nomads need to be aware of the tax residency rules in both their home country and their current…

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The Japan Digital Nomad Visa: Overview and Eligibility

This article provides an in-depth look at Japan's digital nomad visa program, including eligibility requirements,…

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The Complete Guide to Buying Property in Vietnam

What a foreigner needs to know when buying property in Vietnam. The pros, the cons and everything in between.

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Where to Stay in Laos for Digital Nomads

If you're looking to base yourself in a laid back paradise while you get some work done, Laos just might be your place.

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The Thailand Elite Privilege Card Explained

The Thai Elite Visa is aimed at foreigners of modest wealth who want to stay in Thailand for the medium to long term.…

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Malaysia’s My Second Home Visa

The MM2H Malaysia My Second Home visa allows expats and retirees to live in Malaysia either on a part-time or full-time…

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Cambodia’s My Second Home Visa

The Cambodia My Second Home Visa offers residency by investment in the Kingdom of Cambodia with a pathway towards…

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What to Know when Buying Property in Malaysia

Foreigners can by property including land on a freehold basis in Malaysia. This is your need-to-know guide on buying…

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What is the Malaysian Premium VIP visa?

Malaysia's PVIP Premium Visa Programme is aimed at wealthy expats who would like to gain residency by investment in…

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How to set up a Thai Company and live in Thailand

Ever wondered how people move to Thailand and set up a business? Here we cover how to register a company in Thailand.

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The Foreigners Guide to Buying Property in Cambodia

This is your need to know guide for property investing in Cambodia. Be it a rental or an offshore pad, Cambodian real…

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How to Extend your Tourist Visa in Thailand

You can extend your tourist visa in Thailand for a further 30 days by visiting a local immigration office. Here's what…

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The Complete Guide to Buying Stocks in Thailand

This is your guide to registering for a securities account and buying stocks in Thailand. Thailand is one of the major…

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How Anyone can Live in Thailand using the Thai Education Visa

It's possible for anyone to live in Thailand with the education visa. Just choose what skill you want to learn.

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How to Retire in the Philippines with the SRRV

The Philippines is one of the most popular retirement locations in Southeast Asia. You can retire here with the SRRV if…

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Thailand’s Retirement Visa

Thailand has one of the best retirement visas in Southeast Asia. If you're 50 there's a good chance you'll be eligible.

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Philippines Residence by Investment Visa

The SIRV is a great option for people who want to establish a residence in Asia at a minimal cost. Read on to find out…

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Malaysia’s Digital Nomad Visa

Malaysia has come to table with their version of the digital nomad visa, officially called the DE Rantau Nomad Pass.

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Indonesia’s Second Home Visa

While it is often referred as the Bali digital nomad visa, it is officially called the Second Home Limited Stay Visa.…

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The Foreigner’s Guide to Buying Property in Thailand

There are some great advantages to owning a condo in Thailand. It’s your own place in a secure complex. Your Thailand…

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Thailand Launches Long Term Resident Visa

Thailand has launched the new Long Term Resident (LTR) Visa. It is aimed at attracting ‘high potential’ foreigners who…

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How to Open a Bank Account in Thailand

Paying fees to withdraw money from the ATM isn’t really an issue for people who are on holiday. You just cop it and…

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The Complete Guide to Buying Gold in Thailand

Thailand has a large and efficient gold market. There are a few quirks to the system as well. Read on to find out more…

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The Asian Century

The 21st century belongs to Asia. The 20th century was dominated by the West. But everything moves in cycles. It's now…

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